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We love to race but the coffee is important too! #harlequinwheelmen #socialride #clubride #nodrop #c
Big congrats to all Harlequin Wheelmen riders at this weekends NSW Masters Cycling Champs.jpg
Aggressive racing with Harlequins racing both A&B grades _waratahmasters but today was about the bre


Harlequin membership is available from 1st October on an annual basis.  Please go to Cycling NSW and select the membership that suits your requirements.

New members can contact the Secretary at for assistance with the application process and membership transfers.


Harlequin have a wide range of quality clothing available made by Blackchrome Cycling.

Members can obtain clothing by clicking here! Harlequin Kit

The great news partnering with Blackchrome is we don’t have to hold stock.  All that is required is to get online and order.  No more waiting around for kit! In time, Blackchrome will hold stock to reduce the lead times even further.


Please note that all members are required to wear the approved Harlequin kit which also includes "JML Racing" kit, at all club level, Cycling NSW, and National Open Races.

It is not a mandatory requirement to wear team clothing whilst out training but it is encouraged as it gives exposure to our sponsors whom we greatly value.

Well done! You have made it this far and we hope that our club is a good fit for your requirements.  Feel free to contact our secretary or introduce yourself to any of our members out on the road or on the start line!  We consider ourselves passionate cyclists and look forward to meeting you!

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